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What Is A Warrant Canary Anyway?

You may have noticed the above image on our website. (If you don’t see an image of a canary, something may have happened. Read on for more) So what is it and why do we have it? What Is A Warrant Canary? A warrant canary is an image, text passage, or some other media indicating…

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Pharmaceutical Giant Invests $300 MILLION in 23andme

Big Pharma Wants Your Data Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) announced in 2018 that they would be partnering with Direct-to-Consumer DNA Testing Company 23andme. While this partnership may seem harmless on the surface, it underscores the business model of most Direct-to-Consumer genetics companies. Who Owns You? According to medical ethics experts, the real question is, “Who…

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