Why Secret Sequence Is Unique

Our firm is dedicated to providing scientifically rigorous genetic testing without sacrificing an individual's right to privacy.

Other companies like 23andme and AncestryDNA say they offer privacy, when they really maintain customer identities and genetic profiles unless explicitly directed otherwise. They sell access to their customers’ genomes for profit.

And once they have your info, there is really no way to be sure they deleted it if you ask them to.

How Secret Sequence Protects You

Our aim is complete anonymity; we never want to enough information to know who you are.

We handle your genetic data anonymously, serving as a completely secure channel between you and our partnering labs.

We accept pseudonymous payment methods, like Bitcoin and Litecoin. We also take credit, debit and gift cards, but never ask for name or address to confirm your payment.

Your report is PERMANENTLY DELETED 60 days after we upload the results, to protect you from any future potential data breaches.

We NEVER sell or share your personal or genetic data, period.

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