Personality DNA Test

What are your innate behaviors and traits?

Talent and Personality

Learn about who you are

When it comes to personality, you may have heard the phrase: Is It Nature or Nurture?

Meaning, is it your experiences or your genes that determine who you are?

As with many other traits, it is likely a mix of both. 

This test, however, helps you uncover which parts of you personality you may have inherited.

Talent Profile

Are you creative? Are you a good at spelling and reading? Did breastfeeding affect your intelligence? How long are you likely to live?

We look at all these questions to learn more about your inherent talents.

Personality Profile

Here we look at qualities that make you, you.

Are you impulsive? Do you like being up all night? Are you nervous all the time? How do you sleep?

Drug Dependence Profile

Scientists have long been interested in how genes influence how people are affected by recreational drugs.

Here we look at if you are predisposed to become dependent on alcohol, cocaine or opioids. We also can see if you are likely to have a paranoid response to marijuana!