What is Your Athletic Ability?


Plan your exercise routine

This Exercise Test gives you an in depth look at the genes that help determine your athletic prowess. Understanding genetic factors can help athletes to plan their exercise routines more efficiently, reaching peak performance and reducing injury. This panel includes the following sections:


Sport Profile

This section explains your genetic predisposition to excel in resistance or endurance training. Aerobic capacity (also know as VO2max) and other athletic factors are written in your genes and can help determine which type of sports are best for you.

Muscular Profile

Here we can see how your muscles respond to strength training; Your genes determine how well your muscles resist fatigue and regenerate after exercise.


Metabolic Profile

Physical activity does not have the same effect on everyone.  Your genes determine how your body responds to exercise. Here we look at how exercise can affect weight loss, insulin sensitivity and cholesterol in the body.


Cardiovascular Profile

Here we look at how well aerobic activity can help control blood pressure and heart rate based on your genes.


Injury Risk

We can tell you the likelihood, based on your genes, that you may have a greater propensity to injure ligaments and tendons.