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Coffee: Should You be Drinking it Based on Your Genes?

Being aware of your specific genes can help you make more informed decisions about the foods and exercises that are right (or wrong!) for your body—all of which can help prevent health problems later down the road.* Written by: Jamie July 29, 2019 What do genes have to do with coffee? Did you ever wonder…

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Breaking bonds with Google (Part 1)

For those concerned with internet privacy, Google is fast becoming a problem. We trust them with more information about us than almost any other entity. They know what we search for, which links we click, what emails we get from where, our location history, almost everything a corporation could know about us. For many this…

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The Privacy Paradox: Does Privacy Even Matter?

There is an interesting phenomenon that occurs when people talk about privacy. It’s called the “privacy paradox” and it essentially says that people are hypocritical when they are discussing how important privacy is to them. According to this Pew Research article, “The paradox is that people use social media platforms even as they express great concern…

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