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Night Owls and Early Birds: Is it in Your Genes?

Do you stay up late and have a hard time waking up in the morning? It may not be your fault. It may be your genes! Written by: Jamie November 22, 2019 Are you a night owl or an early bird? A night owl is someone that despite following healthy sleep habits, has a hard…

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At What Cost: A Tale of Lost Privacy in America

What price are you willing to pay to learn the exact breakdown of your heritage? Some of the big players in the genetic industry may lead you to believe that you are only going to pay a modest $59 for testing. Unfortunately, the price may actually be much more than that. Take a moment to…

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Is Your Phone Listening To You?

It may sound crazy, but it is more likely than it may seem. Have you ever had a conversation with a friend about an item you are interested in, or a trip you are planning, only to notice relevant ads showing up a day later? For those who have experienced this situation, it is unsettling.…

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