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Nutrigenetics: What Food Does Your DNA Crave?

Written by: Jamie June 23, 2019 Being aware of your specific genes can help you make more informed decisions about the foods and exercises that are right (or wrong!) for your body—all of which can help prevent health problems later down the road*. What is Nutrigenetics? In a previous blog post we discussed nutrigenomics, or…

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Protecting Online Privacy – Part 2: Tracking and Ads

In our previous post we covered the benefits of using a commercial VPN service to protect your online privacy. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, you can find it here. Today’s post will address threats to our online privacy that come from within the web pages we’re accessing. Tracking Cookies &…

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Do Your Genes Determine How Rich You Will Be?

In a recent WIRED article, it was reported that statistical geneticist David Hill from the UK has found associations between certain genes and a higher likelihood for financial success. Using something called a Genome Wide Association Study or “GWAS”, they analyzed 18 Million different regions in the genomes of 262,00 participants, ultimately finding 30 genetic areas…

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